April Poyorena

Founder & President

Who We Are

The Shield of God Foundation is a Christian  501(c)3 organization 


To provide female sexual assault survivors the ability to live independent of their abusers by teaching them their value in Christ.

The Shield of God Foundation was formed to help women suffering from the trauma of sexual assault find healing and recovery. It is our mission, hope, and prayer to open a live-in, specialized treatment center that takes women in as victims and sends them out as thriving survivors. Our vision is to rescue and restore women from unthinkable circumstances, providing them with a safe place to live where they can receive exuberant counseling, nutritious meals, an education, career opportunities, and learn their value in Christ in a loving, structured environment.

About the Founder

Having been in her share of abusive relationships, founder & president, April Poyorena, knows all too well how difficult it can be to remove oneself from an abusive partner. As a child, from the age of 2 until she moved out at 17, April was sexually abused by her step-father. She kept the secret of the abuse until she was 19 and even then only shared with a trusted family member. It wasn’t until she was 21, after having a daughter, that she finally spoke up to her mother and pressed charges. He was immediately arrested and ultimately convicted. The years preceding the conviction of her step-father were better in some ways, but she was still in an abusive marriage. She struggled with her self-worth and though in counseling, was struggling to find peace with her past. In October of 2012 April’s aunt, who she was very close to, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. The cancer had spread to her lungs and there was nothing that could be done. In December 2012 her aunt went to be with the Lord. Sitting with her aunt in her last days and watching her take her last breath changed her forever. It forced her to look at her own life and take a stand for herself and children. About a month after her aunt’s death, April finally found the courage to leave her husband after 12 years. Though she was free from the relationship, she was far from free of her past. She still struggled with her self-image and jumped from one meaningless relationship to another not understanding why she felt so void. It wasn't until she accepted Jesus and started walking in her faith that she started to change for the better. She was happier, focused, and had a desire to confront her past and find healing. In 2016 April’s mom invited her to attend Ministry School with her. A 2-year program that equips students to minister to others effectively. During her time in ministry school, April sought the Lord with all her heart desperately wanting to find healing and purpose for her life. God revealed that He wanted to use her to bring healing to hurting women and she received confirmation through School of Ministry. Since she understood that you can’t help others without first helping yourself, she started seeing a therapist & life coach again to help her face her demons. After 4 abusive relationships, consistent counseling, and faith in God, she finally found contentment and peace. She currently works as a Legal Assistant where she will go to school to be a paralegal and aspires to eventually have the opportunity to dedicate her life and career to work full-time operating The Shield of God Foundation. Her desire is to help other women also come to understand their value in Christ and break the  cycle of abuse. Her prayer is that they too can reclaim their lives and build a foundation on the fullness and love that Christ has to offer.   

April Poyorena  

Founder & President

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